The driving factor throughout DEVELOP’s 70+ year history has been the development and design of office communication solutions and services to make your everyday work life easier.

In the future, we will be writing many more chapters in not only our success story but in yours as well, because together we can grow your business.


DEVELOP offers a new dimension in multifunctional devices. Thanks to an intuitive and easily understandable operating concept, the systems are just as easy to use as a smartphone or tablet PC. What’s more, the link to DEVELOP’s software solutions means that each ineo system is a true document-processing all-rounder and an integral part of everyday office work processes.

In order to further strengthen its market position, Develop GmbH merges with Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH and Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH.

As part of the two-brand growth strategy of the merged group, both brands complement each other to jointly meet customers’ needs. Through bringing together the Konica Minolta and DEVELOP brands in Konica Minolta’s European headquarters and coordinating the go-to-market strategy, even more comprehensive solutions can be offered to customers in the B2B market for company-wide printing and document workflows.

DSales continue to be the leading DEVELOP distributor in the world.


DEVELOP is synonymous with top-quality office communication systems and one of Europe’s top five suppliers of colour printing systems. The portfolio of systems, software and services for document production and document management enables DEVELOP to establish itself as one of Europe’s leading suppliers for small and medium-sized companies.

DEVELOP plays a trendsetting, bold and creative part in shaping the future of office communications. The company’s understanding of customer advice goes well beyond simply providing analyses and recommendations to include evaluations, designs solutions and the provision of on-going support – with the prime goal of increasing the productivity of a customer’s document production and management processes.

Following rapid expansion, DSales (UK) Ltd move to a new purpose-built HQ in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire.  The DSales Business Hub  comprises administration offices, technical & training centre, demonstration facilities and warehouse.

DSales are recognised as the world's leading DEVELOP distributor.


DSales (UK) Ltd are founded to distribute the DEVELOP ineo range in the UK.  Since then a dedicated team of real distinction had been built, with dedicated members of staff headed by Managing Director Jonathan Whitworth, who has over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

From small acorns...


DEVELOP moves its headquarters from Gerlingen to Langenhagen. The first 4C office system QC 1500/QC 2000 with tandem technology is launched. DEVELOP has more than 300 specialist outlets in Germany and markets its products in 60 countries of the world.

DEVELOP launches a new product offensive with the ineo and ineo+ series, which combine superb print quality with cost efficiency. The product portfolio is successively enhanced by the introduction of further multifunctional print systems. The range is complemented by various software solutions and services.

The launch of the ineo+ 6500 means that DEVELOP also services the entry-level production market. Other production systems are introduced later. DEVELOP also enhances its line-up with A4 print systems for small offices and retailers. DEVELOP develops into a market-leading provider of colour and b&w multifunctional print systems.


DEVELOP is fully integrated into the Minolta Group and Develop GmbH established as a service and trading company with 120 employees. DEVELOP launches the first digital b/w copier on the market – the D3000iD – followed by the first digital colour device a year later. The DFC 100 is launched.


DEVELOP develops the world’s smallest automatic copier – the DEVELOP 10 – and receives six international awards for progressive design. DEVELOP signs a partnership agreement with Minolta and from then on produces all small and medium-sized machines for the European market. The DEVELOP 100 is launched and more than 100,000 copiers are produced.


DEVELOP launches its first small automatic workplace copier, the Series 33 “Volkskopierer”, and also enters the US market. DEVELOP develops the first device for use with standard paper, the DEVELOP 66.1.


Electrostatics revolutionises copying technology. DEVELOP is the only manufacturer to offer machines for every process: diffusion, electrostatics, dual-spectral and offset printing.


The “economic miracle” gets underway in West Germany. 16 patents and 39 licences are issued for “Blitz” copiers and DEVELOP is already marketing its products in 87 countries. DEVELOP produces the first advertising photographs for the “Blitz” copier and the DEVELOP “Kombi”: “Two minutes for one copy.”

21 June 1948

DEVELOP is founded by Dr. Walter Eisbein, Konrad Kral and Arno Lippinghoff. The first production plant is an old factory building in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Dr. Eisbein develops a world-first, the “Blitz” copier Develop D 10.