Protecting the environment, saving natural resources and reducing energy costs are all key criteria in choosing the right printing systems for your office.

Develop products set new standards in green energy efficiency and sustainability, key product attributes include the use of recycled plastics for the housing, LED scanning technology and dynamic eco timers on the MFP range which ensures that the system’s active operating phases adapt to the actual real times in use.

Printing functions such as duplex and deletion of blank pages avoid unnecessary paper wastage and the use of polymerised toner reduces fusing temperatures. Because polymerised toner grains are so fine, a smaller amount of toner is needed than with pulverised toner, thus using fewer natural resources. Additionally, Develop polymerised toner requires a lower fusing temperature. Both aspects contribute greatly to reducing the amount of energy used and the related CO2 emission.  An important ingredient in Develop toner is biomass (a plant-based material, which is CO2-neutral during recycling.

Develop products have been awarded the German “Blue Angel” ecology label for products manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner and all Develop products are Energy Star rated.

Develop products have very low TEC (typical electricity consumption) values:  The latest devices switch to energy-saving mode faster and consume considerably less power in sleep mode than previous products, helping to save running costs.

Develop devices are manufactured using a recycled PET-based polymer alloy as an environmentally considerate material, Develop MFPs contain the two sustainable plastics: the new polymer alloy recycled PET and plant-based bioplastic.

The new polymer alloy recycled PET is regarded as a promising sustainable plastic as it is a recyclable material that effectively utilizes PET waste. In addition, plant-based bioplastic results in lower environmental impact as it uses less petroleum-based resources and emits less CO2 during its lifecycle than petroleum-based plastic.