Every business is different. Every user is different. That’s why individualized user interfaces, personalised display messages, personal ineo decors and special-purpose software tools make sound business sense.

Customise your ineo device with useful apps

Develop Marketplace, our app store for ineo devices, allows you to access apps straight from the operating panel of your ineo device. Useful apps, remote app updates, connectors to cloud solutions such as Google Drive™ or Google Mail™, and even paper templates – Develop Marketplace has just about everything your business might need. Just some of the benefits:

  • Direct access to smart apps
  • Remote application updates
  • Connector for Google Apps
  • Paper templates for daily tasks



Work with your personalised user interface:

  • User interface adaptable to individual requirements and work patterns
  • Customisable screen features, specific functions and workflows activated via the display
  • Adaptable screen design with cost-effective standardized user interfaces to simplify operation and maximize the user experience
  • Customised designs, e.g. with selectable scan or copy functions or a company logo on the panel.

Choose your own display message:

  • A Flash video with a corporate message or support information on the display when it’s idle
  • Customer-oriented advertisements in retail outlets

Boot up your personalised screen:

  • Images such as a company logo or corporate message on display while a device is booting up

Benefit from customised work routines:

DEVELOP software applications can boost your productivity:

  • convert+share: Get rid of inefficient manual document processes and unnecessary duplication with a software tool that offers effective, easy-to-use functions to sustainably optimise document workflows, e.g. through scanning documents and sending them straight to Windows folders, e-mail addresses, Google Drive, Evernote, Microsoft SharePoint or our document management system store+find.