Mobile printing from a public cloud environment.

Mobile printing from a public cloud environment

With the proliferation of electronic media, information is available at any time via PC, laptop or smartphone. In the digital age, there are many situations in which the printing of data is needed – and often on the spot:

  • You are in a hotel and need to print a voucher.
  • You are on a business trip and need to print out a contract in the office of the client.
  • You want to print a receipt at a hotspot.

It is often not possible to quickly and spontaneously print documents from a smartphone or tablet PC, because a printer driver is not installed or an available printer in the vicinity cannot be activated.
This is where mobile printing comes in. The solution provides users not only with access but also with the printing of information – no matter what, when and where they want to print.

The membership of DEVELOP in the ‘Cloud Printing Alliance’ of Cortado AG now enables the mobile printing of documents from any mobile device on any WLAN-enabled DEVELOP printing system.

What is the Cortado Workplace?

Cortado Workplace is the central hub for mobile requirements. Whether by phone, tablet PC, Mac or laptop - with Cortado Workplace you have access to your personal files at all times and everywhere, and you can easily access and edit them from all your devices.
A Workplace app must be installed for use on smartphone and tablet PC. This allows you to work while travelling as on your desktop computer. The application is available free of charge from Cortado in the respective App Store.

A special highlight of the Cortado Workplace is the mobile printing feature:

Documents can be sent directly from your smartphone or tablet PC to the nearest printer and be printed. Via Cortado, DEVELOP provides you with all the latest printer drivers, so you can use all WLAN-enabled DEVELOP printing systems. The special feature is that the printer drivers do not need to be installed, but are automatically recognised.

Advantages of the free application from Cortado

  • 2 GB free online storage
  • Access to documents and files – anytime, anywhere
  • A Workplace directory as a cloud drive which can be connected to PC and Mac
  • Work while travelling as on your desktop computer
  • Mobile printing and faxing