Fiery® Impose and Compose Suite

Fiery® Impose and Compose Suite is the state-of-the-art in-RIP Fiery® option for production environments that achieves business success and higher profits. The Suite automates and simplifies labour intensive document preparation activities with an intuitive user experience that shortens job set-up times.


Makes Complex Documents Simple

The powerful functionality of Impose and Compose, together in a single common user interface addresses all document preparation needs. Fiery® Impose and Fiery ® Compose can work independently or in a tightly integrated workflow, allowing operators to accurately set up jobs and soft proof. Fiery® Impose enables error-free lay-out at a sheet level, while Fiery® Compose performs all document make-ready functions at a page level. In addition, the two can work effortlessly together in the same window, letting users apply Compose and Impose functionality to the same document.

How you benefit

  • Flexible Job Preparation: With the Suite, it takes less clicks and switching between two separate applications, saving users precious time.
  • Maximize Profits with a Money Saving Solution: Fiery® Impose and Compose are a cost effective solution because it eliminates the need for third-party document preparation software.
  • Intuitive Solution that Saves Time and Headaches: Fiery® Impose and Compose intuitive user interface decreases waste and errors by letting operators know exactly what to expect when printing a document, and what the output will look like when printed. It also prepares VDP jobs as easily, saving you precious time and headaches.
  • Adapts to any User Environment: The flexible and adaptable Suite provides full cross-platform support to a Mac or PC, so customers can enjoy the same printing experience, regardless of their environment.