Fiery® Impose

When printing small print runs, it is important that not only the colour, but also the format match. Fiery® Impose gives you last-minute access to a wide range of signatures and finishing templates lets you create your own layout. Fiery® Impose saves on paper and creates flexibility.


Professional imposition – Seamless integration into the workflow

A prerequisite for document publication is high- performance imposition technology which is easy to use. The PDF-based – and therefore source format-independent – workflow of Fiery® Impose allows intuitive editing and collation of complete documents. The integrated Adobe® Acrobat® programme with Enfocus® Pitstop can be used for pre-flight editing. Fiery® Impose is available as an option for all current Fiery® colour controllers. It is a component of the Fiery® workflow and is started from the Command WorkStation®.

How you benefit

  • Templates for imposition: Predefined templates are provided for common imposition layouts in order to speed up the imposi­tion process: letter fold, book/calendar binding, accordion fold, double gate fold, head-to-head binding, back fold (for stitching or gluing). Separate templates may also be defined. Please note the finishing capacities of the respective digital system.
  • Multiple layouts: This makes it possible to significantly reduce paper consumption particularly for small-size documents such as business cards.
  • Mixed media: Media can be permanently assigned in combination with the Paper Catalogue as well as the paper cassettes.
  • Creep allowance: Variable adaptation of the creep allowance so that the text content is correctly aligned on all the pages of a document.
  • Zero margin width: Layout scaling, positioning and alignment do not take place on the basis of the printable area, but on the basis of the actual physical size.
  • Adaptable crop and fold marks: It is possible to individually define the colour, length, thickness and type of crop and fold marks.
  • Support for pages with identical and different sizes: Automatically check the page size for every job.
  • Addition, deletion and duplication of pages: Pages can be added, deleted or duplicated without access to the source data.