Data Administrator

Multi-functional colour systems support the introduction of new functions and therefore create value. However, these increased options also mean increased usage. Add confidential data to the mix, and you have a situation where usage control is required. The Data Administrator offers a convenient way to set user access and cost centres for the respective Develop system at a PC.


Cost control and data security with user access and cost centres

The Data Administrator offers a convenient way to set the user access and cost centres for the respective Develop system. However, its functions are not just limited to restricting utilisation of the system and certain functions (printing, copying, scanning, faxing and BOX). In addition, it is also possible to define quantity restrictions for individual users or projects. User addresses can be read in from tables or can be imported directly from an existing address database. Public users can be allowed to perform b/w copying only without assignment of an access code. The Data Administrator standard software is suitable for all ineo systems with a printing speed of at least 25 pages per minute and is available on user/driver CD and at hear.

How you benefit

  • Controlled user access with user name and password
  • "Public users" without registered access can be restricted to b/w use
  • Combining of individual users to form user groups
  • Cost centres for controlled ineo use for departments, customers, clients, periods and projects
  • Controllable functions: printing, copying, scanning, faxing, BOX
  • Registration in the printer driver or on the copier display and in the twain driver
  • Copying of access settings to other ineos
  • Convenient release in the printer driver and on the copier display
  • Import of user/account lists from tables and from other MFPs
  • Auslesen der Zählerstände der Benutzer und Kostenstellen
  • Read-out of counter readings for users and cost centres
  • Time-based restriction of general access
  • Additional functions: Copy Protection Utility, Font Manager Utility, energy-saving mode, address book management, network settings