Multifunction systems support increased productivity in your company and will give you a competitive edge. DEVELOP offers you the opportunity to further optimise your daily work, using an intelligent addition to the system, which is accessed directly via your ineo multifunction system's display. Use perfect customised solutions that are easily cleared by entering a system activation code into your system.


Further functions for your ineo systems

i-Option offers innovative and intelligent functions for your multifunctional system to provide users with further help in their daily work.

What exactly is i-Option?

The term refers to a range of options which can be activated directly in the system’s firmware by means of an activation code. Your benefit in that is you only pay for the functions that you actually require. i-Option is already integrated in the firmware, and can be activated by technicians at any time in the course of servicing work for swift and simple installation. The simple and intuitive mode of operation means that no training is necessary.

LK-101, Webbrowser, image panel, photo registration

Unrestricted Internet access

The i-Option web browser, which acts as a fully functional web browser on the display and allows the customer to order missing consumables directly online from the supplier, for example, is just one of the comprehensive options. Other practical applications include download of web-based documents from databases and rapid access to e-mails. Should a user forget to start the print of an email from the desktop, no need to return to the workplace, the printout can be initiated directly from the ineo system

Easy document processing

The Image Panel function offers you extensive handling possibilities for documents. For instance, they can be combined in a quick way or particular pages can be added or removed.

Upload your own photos

Add your own icons or photos to existing addresses. This option is provided by the photo registration function which is displayed on the Image Panel user interface and makes searching for contacts when sending out emails or faxes much easier.


PDF-Encryption, PDF meta data, digital signature

In today’s business environment, information has become one of the most important capital assets. Ascertaining conscientious documentary practices and their protection from misuse have become one of the most important issues in business today. Multifunctional systems now play a central role in the transfer of business data, and in order to protect the sensitive information from unauthorised third party access, we offer the Licence Kit 102.

Safe PDF document encryption

The PDF encryption function offers the possibility of encrypting your documents; it prevents confidential data falling into the wrong hands. It's easy to select the encryption techniques (using password or digital ID) on the display, to ensure safe transmission of confidential data. This function is of particular interest to tax consultants, notaries, solicitors, hospitals, or even HR departments.

Adding meta data to documents

In order to easily trace and find the protected documents, the kit allows a metafile to be added to the PDF. This metafile can include information such as the author, title, theme and keywords of the PDF file. During document encryption, the metafile remains unencrypted allowing the document to be easily retraced (e.g. from the PC.)

Display document status

PDF and compact PDF documents can be signed digitally, and will be legitimate, using the digital signature. Thanks to a type of progress history, it's possible to trace whether someone has made changes to the document, and who, and thus immediately identify whether the signature has possibly lost validity as a result of changes to the document. Documents can also be tagged as trustworthy using the digital signature.

LK-105, Searchable PDF

Creation of Searchable PDF documents

The in the system integrated OCR functionality enables the creation of searchable PDF documents directly on the display. This function supports a fulltext search within scanned documents and enables you to search effortless for relevant data. To facilitate the assembly of different text objects, text layers can be copied and pasted into other text files – a huge enhancement for your workflow.


A utility kit is required for installation, and includes the following:

  • Memory expansion (additional RAM memory)
  • Face sheet (keyboard label)